"What the human eye observes casually and incuriously, the eye of the camera notes with relentless fidelity"... Bernice Abbott

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zion National Park in Autumn

During the peak summer months, the number of tourist visiting Zion National Park exceeds the park's capacity and forces the park service to restrict the number of vehicles allowed to enter.  Visitors must then rely on the park's shuttle system in order to reach the many hiking trails and landmarks that the park is known for.  Not so in Autumn.  Access into the canyon is unrestricted and the solitude that one seeks in a place as majestic as this can easily be found.  

As the trees drop their leaves, their colors create a vibrant foreground to the canyon's distinctly red walls. A light rain adds to the beauty of the canyon walls that rise hundreds of feet above the canyon floor. Standing in this unique valley, one can only feel dwarfed by  the forces that created this sanctuary. But the beauty of this formidable landscape is the reason we are compelled to challenge and explore its terrain. Those who do are rewarded with sights and sounds that can overwhelm the senses and give way to a moment of clarity; an opportunity to reflect and prioritize. Deer and wild turkey confidently walk among us as a lone hawk flies overhead; a reminder of the balance between man and nature, and what each has to offer the other.

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